Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Elizabeth Street Victorian Dollhouse

 This is the Elizabeth Street Victorian Dollhouse. The base color is a soft pink tone that has just a hint of light peach to it. The primary trim is a very pale yellowish cream. It also has accents of a deep coral pink, and spring green.

This house is all about the porches. The double layered laser cut porch trims just give this house an amazing lacy and soft inviting feeling. Let's explore the porches.

 Notice that the focal patterns of the two porches are different. I did not want matchey, matchey on it. The two separate styles, just make it fun and more interesting.    
 The porch is all about enjoying the outside. You can almost feel the breeze and hear the birds when your eyes move across this porch. Somehow all the busy texture of the laser gives you the feeling of life, and things growing. The patterns have a flowing feeling of movement to them.

 The porch roof trim was custom sized. The stick and ball trim is one inch wide, and so the porch roof trim also needed to be one inch , just to continue the pattern moving up the design in that width. So, thanks to Sharon at Heritage Laser for doing that.

Even though I could just spend the day on porch, visualizing a total relaxing day, I guess we should see the inside of the house. So let's take a look from the back.

 With the exterior of the house being so soft and light, using stained trim was a good way to kind of ground the design and balance all the lightness. The English chestnut color is warm, rich and works well against the Victorian wallpapers.

Now let's go back outside and enjoy the florals.
 Across the front are full in bloom pink Hydrangeas. The texture and side of the blooms were chosen for a great compliment to the scroll pattern of the railing laser. One of the pink tones is a match to the house color which steps the eye down and out from the house. Moving color and pattern in a design is always a challenge, but worth the extra effort of thought.

 Doesn't every Victorian house need an over the top cherub bird bath! This bird bath is set into a bed of full in bloom Burmese Roses. Also a few light apricot tulips, and rosy floral texture.

 The three lush fresh looking hanging baskets are just simple ferns and two types of caladium leaves. Green and white, and pink. Simplicity was the basket choice that just worked for this house. The ferns look fresh and cool. The green compliments the green trim color and the touch of pink, again, moves the pink color through the design.
  Thanks again to Heritage laser for the lovely work that just makes this house a beauty.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"The Darling House" Victorian Dollhouse

 This is "The Darling House"Victorian Dollhouse. This house is over the top with layers of white gingerbread from the lattice foundation to the peaks of the roof. The house color is kind of a light wet sand tone with light accents of two shades of an aqua teal . Clean crisp white give it a lace quality, and is soft against the sand tone of the house.

 The garden style flowers are all done in soft tones of pinks, creams, and lavenders. The fancy laser fence just adds another layer to the texture and pattern of the porch gingerbread.

 The house has two stained glass windows. One in the oval front door and the other in the octagon gable window. They have pink flowers and green leaves in the design.

 The hanging baskets are white washed wicker with pink geraniums, fillers and caladium leaves.

Now lets step inside the first floor.

 The aqua pallet flows through every room. Just a touch of aqua tones can be found it each room.

Now let's go upstairs….

This house is a girly girly house for sure. A small to medium size house with decent size rooms for decorating and a friendly footprint. The yummy laser cuts came from Heritage Laser, and just made the little house come alive. I had days of painting gingerbread laid out on trays, but, when I began adding it on the porch, the house just started getting this amazing personality. I seriously just worked on it almost straight through with little sleep finishing the outside! It was just so fun. icing on the cake for sure, every addition was just to exciting. I actually got up at 5:00 AM one morning to make window boxes, I just could not stay in bed another moment. Guess after making so many houses it is still fun to know that they are just as exciting to me as ever. Love this Dollhousing hobby!